About Us

Thundering timpani, booming bass, soaring woodwinds; these are outward examples of the power of music, and Encore Winds is a prime example of the internal power of music and its influence on our lives. Encore musicians are full-time professionals working outside the field of music; physicians, social workers, IT specialists, portfolio experts, contractors and dentists are just a few of the occupations represented by the talented amateur musicians in the ensemble. Many Encore musicians had given up their instruments for several years only to return for one reason: a compelling and passionate need to make music. It is a testament to the power of music that these amateur musicians are drawn together to fill that void in their lives, and it is a remarkable achievement that Encore Winds is able to perform consistently at such a high level.

Founded in 1989, Encore’s mission is to offer our community excellent music in an entertaining way through seasonal concerts, summer performances, festivals, and educational outreach in local under-served schools all while providing quality experiences for the musicians allowing them the opportunity to return their talents to the community. Encore Winds is a non-profit organization consisting of approximately 50 exceptionally talented amateur musicians from the 7-county Grand Traverse region, and continues to serve the community by making music easily accessible to everyone.

Encore Winds is a non-profit Michigan corporation, with 501(c) 3 federal tax status since 1992. Encore Winds musicians contribute valuable time and funding, and are not paid for musical services with Encore Winds.

Each Encore Winds season is made possible in part with the support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for Arts.